Burr King


For over sixty years Burr King has manufactured quality abrasive belt grinders, polishing equipment, disc grinders and vibratory deburring and polishing equipment. All of our products are designed in America and manufactured in Warsaw, Missouri. Our products use innovative designs of uncompromising quality, they are industrial grade, intended for use on metals, woods, composites, plastics, rubber, stone, fiberglass and other materials. Burr King products are simple-to-use, no nonsense tools preferred by professionals.Belt Grinder

Burr King’s family of three wheel grinders provides maximum versatility. Contact wheel, platen, work rest support, and loose belt grinding are precision controlled with positive belt tracking, quick belt change, and linear belt tension.
Constructed of rugged cast aluminum and precision machined components, every Burr King grinder delivers unexcelled grinding performance and reliability.

Three versatile versions available in popular 3 Phase, 60 Hertz electronic options
Model 20 : Disc Speed fixed at 1725 RPM
Model 20B : Fixed speed with a 10 ft. lb. mechanical disc brake
Model 20VB : Continuously adjustable from 200 to 1725 RPM with an adjustable electronic disc brake.

Disc Grinder


All model 20 disc grinders are available with magnetic starter options. The Model 20VB speed controller includes all control and overload features of a standard magnetic starter in addition to the solid state frequency controller.

Bench Grinder



The Model 1000 deburrs, grains, polishes, cleans, descales, and buffs
at a single station, a single machine, and a single operator.



Bowl Vibratory Debur

Vibra KING 40 delivers fast, quiet, high performance deburring, polishing, burnishing, descaling, and surface conditioning. Vibra KING 40 has a unique part unloading system, the parts will separate from the media simply by turning the machine dial to separate. The Model 40 Combi PAK comes with Filter PAK 4001.



Vibratory Debur
Vibratory Chambers that deliver quiet, high performance Deburring, Polishing, Descaling and surface conditioning
Optional process timers may be added to the M25, M45, and M85. These timers permit precise process timing control to manage critical finishes and economize valuable shop time. Process timers include high quality magnetic starter contactors.