Falls Edge Deburr

Falls Edge Deburring

Slash Deburring Time
Imagine! Smooth edges at 60 ft./min.!
D-BUR-R removes sharp edges fast. With five models to choose from Falls gives you the competitive edge. Four give you perfect edges without filing or grinding. The fifth (model 131), deburrs top and bottom edges in one pass as well as removing “scallop” marks from nibbling on a CNC turret punch.

Lower Your Costs
Falls machines give you big savings too – both in labor and in maintenance – by cutting deburring time by as much as 90% over conventional methods.

Safe Process
Safer for your operators and your sheet metal too. The deburring is done inside the machine, away from the operator’s hands. Also, the D-BUR-R won’t distort your parts.

Large Capacity in a Small Space
All five models provide large capacities: Lengths from 4″ to 10 ft. or more; Thicknesses from 24 gauge to 1/4″; Widths from 1/2″ to 4 ft. or more (with proper support).

Have Wheels, Will Travel
All models (except the 99 table-top model) operate on 115 volt plug-in power and are equipped with heavy duty locking wheels to make it easy to move from one work area to another.


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99                               101                               111                                      121                                         131