Flexible, modular and lean, Salvagnini machines and systems for automatically bending sheet metal guarantee quality, reliability, accuracy and repeatability along with excellent performance. Salvagnini offers two lines of products: the P4X & P2X Panel Benders and the Roboformer robotic press-brakes.

P4Xe: the history and the future of metalworking

In 1977, Guido Salvagnini invented and introduced to the market the first P4 Panel Bender, a numerically controlled machine tool for cold-forming flat sheets, designed to produce sheet metal panels from punched blanks by means of a complete, automatic, programmable and flexible work cycle.Panel Bender

  • Out-produce up to 5 press brakes
  • Make bends not possible on a   press brake
  • Safety – operator never touches the part while bending
  • Accuracy – gauges from features, not edges
  • Operator loaded or full automation
  • Stand alone or in-line automation with punch or laser

Panel Bender   Panel Bender   Panel Bender