Press Brakes

The first hydraulic press brake was made by HACO in 1965. Since then, press brakes have changed a lot. Just think about CNC controls and multi-axes backgauge systems or automatic crowning tables. During the past 35 years, HACO gained a lot of experience building these types of machines and is proud to be among the leading manufacturers of press brakes worldwide today. All press brakes are hydraulic driven and range from 45T up to 1,200T, feature conventional or CNC controls, and are also available in tandem and tridem models. 

Precision and Reliability: HACO Atlantic, Synchromaster, and Euromaster


  • 1-2 Axis standard, optional 6 Axis available
  • 45-1,200 Tons
  • 5′-14′ Bending Lengths
  • .0004″ Bending Accuracy
  • Integrated mechanical depthstop
  • Easy to use CNC controller (no special training necessary), 2D and 3D touchscreen controllers available.
  • Manual or Automatic backguages available.


The Newest Technology: HACO Press Master

Standard Features:HACO_Press_Master

  • 2-6 Axis CNC
  • 45-1,200 Tons
  • Electro-hydraulic leveling and depth stop setting by SYNCHRO system
  • BC 59 graphics control with touch screen
  • All welded interlocked monoblock construction
  • Downstroking pressbrake with integrated emergency stop
  • Robosoft Synchro leveling and depth stop system
  • Automatic compensation of the sideframe deflection by means of table referenced measuring scales, giving feedback to the synchro system
  • Y1/Y2 hydraulic axes for levelling and depth control (0.01mm).
  • 4-axes X-R-Z1-Z2 backgauge
  • X-axis: stroke 23.6″ speed 1062 In / Min
  • R-axis: stroke 5.3″, speed 360 In / Min
  • Z1-Z2 axis: speed 1470 In / Min
  • Standard Beak fingers
  • Upper quick manual clamping for System tooling
  • CNC controlled Anti Deflection Table for System Tooling
  • Movable Frontstops Type I along the working length
  • Saffir Safety Guard, retractable and manually height adjustable
  • Stroke:13.8″
  • Gap: 15.7″


Custom Tandem and Tridem Brakes for Long Sheets: HDSY Series

Available Features:HACO_Tandem

  • 400 – 1,200 Tons
  • Up to 20′ Bending Length
  • Mono block, flush floor mount models available
  • CNC controlled automatic backguage is standard
  • 2 finger blocks, adjustable in height and width and spring-loaded to protect against shock loads.
  • Multiple control options available, from conventional 3-Axis to 3D CAD Touchscreen.
  • Custom configurations available